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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Majlis Kahwin :Duchess Place,Sumira Place Titiwangsa

When talking about wedding,all women who are single must be very exciting when their turn has come..

Same goes to me..aha,but my turn not this year,maybe next year ;)

Every women have their own dreams.
One of it is their wedding looks a like.

My wedding dreams?

Exactly same as the pictures below.
let's the pictures do talking yeah ;)

 Nice ambiance,clean and perfectly white

Don't worry you can make it real.
Just book your wedding place at the Duchess Place,Ampang
Bungalow unit decorated as wedding hall.

next Sumira place at Titiwangsa :

also bungalow unit at Titiwangsa being as one stop centre for your wedding place.
This place managed by pengantin eksklusif.
like their tagline :'Eksklusif tidak semestinya mahal'

that's all for tonight!
Let's catch the dreams! not just chase and just dream of it

"Great things may come from small beginnings." "Alhamdulillah,Good things come to those who wait" WWW.SARAHATA.COM

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