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Sunday, May 16, 2010


There’s so much that goes into opening a business. When I wrote my business plan, I realized it. Just to launch this boutique alone I’ll need to….

  • Obtain merchandise, obviously.
  • Find a photographer who will take decent pictures of that merchandise.
  • Secure an ecommerce site.
  • Design the ecommerce site (which I will be doing on my own)
  • Get packing and shipping together.
  • Do invoices, which involves math. Yippie.
  • Create an advertising campaign.
  • Fill out paperwork to start a business.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something. It’s not even that these are so many different things, it’s just that they are so many things that are so different.

That last step is what I started yesterday and will finish tomorrow. I have a DBA and now I have to get a resale license, business license and something else since I’m running my business out of my home. They really gave me the runaround; I went to fill out forms for one thing and they told me I had to fill out forms for something else and have processed before I could have the original form processed, plus file another form and whoops….I filled out the wrong form.

No but seriously, so far I actually am enjoying even the most unglamorous thing having to do with this project.

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